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Stay Healthy and Happy this Holiday Season!

Indoor Air, why do I care?

Winter is almost here and you may have noticed it in your home already! Two things you can do to make keep your indoor air quality as good as possible.

Add some humidity.

The cool winter air is dry. You may have noticed it in your skin getting drier, static shocks, or does it make your hair just stand up? Do you feel warm only when your heating system is running, and cool when it is waiting to run? The solution is to add some humidity!

A whole house humidifier will add moisture to the air making you less susceptible to germs that penetrate your dry skin and membranes. A little humidity will make your more comfortable, by holding the heat in the air, and making the cycling of your heating system less noticeable! Last, but not least, the wood in your home will also be happier! Whether it is your piano, your floors or your fine wood chairs, they all would like a humidifier too!

Breath easier and add a UV light.

As a parent, one of the worst things is having a sick child! All of our homes are susceptible to the germs shared by everyone within the walls. The addition of a UV light will improve air quality by cleaning the air. A year round solution, these lights also eliminate allergens, mold, and smells cycling through the HVAC system.

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